Anyone using Loxi?

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Know anything about Sunsetting on 10/31??


  • the_duda_app_guy
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    Hey @Linda! Correct, unfortunately, Loxi is sunsetting their product. While our intention is to maintain app integrations for as long as possible, sometimes our hands are tied with external partners. I've made sure that we sent out multiple support emails to those users who are impacted, as well as a migration plan email going out on Monday (10/17).

    We have been working extensively to make sure that with Loxi leaving that we are able to still provide a similar experience. We recently partnered with a new event calendar called Tockify to provide this experience.

    I have Tockify scheduled to go live at the end of this week, aiming for Friday morning EST.

    Tockify also has built a dedicated Loxi migration tool which will allow you to simply input your existing Loxi calendar URL and Tockify will import all of the event details.

    Here is an article that we just published yesterday giving details on how to migrate your current Loxi calendars to Tockify.

    You can let me know if you have any issues or feel free to contact our support team, they are also aware of the Loxi sunset and migration to Tockify.

    - Justin

  • Linda
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    Thank you.