Solution for Lack of Schema options

Fabien Member Posts: 22

Hi all, I am looking for a solution to the annoying lack of solution for schema options un Duda platform.

1) I am looking for a solution to put schema info on Dynamically created pages.

For some reason you can dynamic the shit out of everything but the header is out of reach. Which mean any type of schema for Jobs, Recipes, Real Estate, Blog, Videos You are aout of luck and better find another platform if you want to manage your SEO properly !!! Cannot even add it manually !

2) Why on hear doesn't duda partner with companies like rank math - uber suggest to provide better SEO options

There is so much bla in duda marketing but when you get to it it is lacking in so many aspects!

Like the platforms but cannot create half of my clients website because of stupide things like putting schema on dynamic pages

I apologize for the runt this to me is necessary to be able to create a platform that can surpasse Wordpress especially when you price tag just got up again !

If anybody as a solution I am looking forward to hearing it.


  • Ryan_Burke
    Ryan_Burke Member Posts: 39 Duda Staff

    Hi Fabien,

    You can dynamically embed schema into dynamic pages. I will work on getting you more information about how this is done.

    While Duda already ranks very well for SEO and CWV, we are always evaluating options for getting better, so stay tuned for more updates.


  • Fabien
    Fabien Member Posts: 22

    Thank you for your answer. I have not received any information as to embed dynamically embed schema into dynamic pages.

    Looking forward to hearing from you