Paid Membership

thelton Member Posts: 1

I have a few questions about the new paid membership option. I see there are a few things that have yet to release but what are the fees associated with using the paid membership option? And, does the client need their own payment gateway or is there options in duda to get that set up?


  • Sharon_Rubinstein
    Sharon_Rubinstein Member Posts: 7 Product Team

    Hi @thelton ,

    I'm Sharon from Duda's product team. I'm responsible for the paid membership feature.

    Answering our questions:

    1. Paid membership is an add-on product. It's available for users that upgraded to the membership Business plan. Currently, it's 15$/mo, and we do not collect transaction fees.
    2. At the moment, we only support Stripe as a payment gateway. We are looking to extend support to other payment gateways in the future. You can follow the setup instructions to configure it from within the platform.

    Happy to help if you have any other questions.