Why on earth hasn't Duda got a testimonial widget/section that caters for more than one testimonial

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I'm baffled as to why Duda hasn't got a testimonial widget, that caters for various design options and features. Slider version, with image without image etc, I'm coming from using Wordpress (well in truth I still use Wordpress) Elementor to be exact, and they have on https://elementor.com/widgets/testimonial-widget/ this should be standard.

I really have a love hate relationship with Duda. It does somethings well, then for some unknown reason, leaves out SOME BASIC things that it's competitors has had from years ago.

What have others done to create a testimonial section that caters for text and an photo and the user can slide through the testimonies?

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  • Ryan_Burke
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    Hi @mikecd ,

    We are working on a slider with more capabilities, including one that would allow you to add a text and photo so you can create testimonials, so stay tuned!

    If you have additional ideas, I encourage you to add then to our ideas board (ideas.duda.co).

    Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the challenges you have faced!

  • Shane_Hodge
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    Hey @mikecd Sorry for your stress. We have a widget for that this one. https://dev.thecamel.co/widget-description/testimonial-slider


  • mikecd
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    Hi @Ryan_Burke

    Appreciate the swift response. Thanks.

    I'll placed this on the ideas board.

  • mikecd
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    Thanks Shane, I'm actually familiar with thecamel, found them via Google. Great company, great team. Thanks for the reminder

  • Shane_Hodge
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    Thanks @mikecd I risked the wrath of admin LOL but thought gotta help a mate out.

  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    Hi mikecd,

    I feel your pain.

    Just a heads up (and I am happy to be wrong, but...) I am willing to bet that the solution Ryan_Burke refers to is a non-dynamic thing where you have to manually add images and text to re-create testimonials. Whereas the one you cite from elementor pulls them in dynamically from the Google (and other platforms). I assume THAT is the functionality you are looking for.

    I know Shane's (Camel) solution in the App$tore pulls directly from Google.

    I like this 3rd party tool: https://reviewsonmywebsite.com/