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I'm really wanting to consult with someone about my current pricing and how to scale it without losing my current client base. Everything including my White Label software's seems to be increasing and I have not increased pricing on any of my past clients. However, I need to also increase my overall pricing structure for 'new' business.

Also, I am wanting to switch my monthly maintenance packages to the Duda Client Billing Base, but Honeybook has everything I need in it & this still seems to be in development.

Any good Ideas? Thanks in Advance

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  • Shane_Hodge
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    Hey @Ranessa_Hendrix yep its a tough one, but can be done, like anything you just have to show value and people will be happy. Where are you located? What sort of market do you deal with? How long have clients been with you? Whats the Competition doing around you? My advice? look at those questions, do some market research and then price yourself around the results.