Sort Order Values API?

scott74 Member Posts: 1

Looking for a list of acceptable values on the List Orders Ecomm endpoint.

Tried asc and desc but API kicks back 400 error


    "type": "",

  "title": "One or more validation errors occurred.",

  "status": 400,

  "traceId": "00-12e57a38faad8697c14501726b3d3373-957fb8e994a1dc3e-00",

  "errors": [


      "system_code": 40020002,

      "readable_code": "invalid_field_values",

      "message": "One or more of the provided values are invalid. See error details for more information.",

      "details": {

        "": [

          "desc is not an allowed field to sort from"








  • Ryan_Burke
    Ryan_Burke Member Posts: 37 mod


    Here are the current values for the List Orders eComm endpoint:






    We are also working on improving the developer documentation around this, so stay tuned!