Duda Membership App


Item 1 - Can we get the member export csv feature to include

  • Member Plan Name
  • Last Payment Date

Where the member is a member of multiple plans just duplicate the member details for each plan they are a member of.

Item 2 - Plan Price Change, with notice to the user we need to be able to transfer an existing users subscription to a new pricing plan.

Item 3 - Plan End, Expiry Date ... Linked to item 2, We want to keep a plan open until the uses plan expires, but we dont want them to renew that plan, we want them to renew with a new plan ... how do we keep the current plan active, stop the subscription auto renewing at then end of their term, offer them the new plan at the end of their current term. ?

For Advice.



  • Aj_Cre8
    Aj_Cre8 Member Posts: 676 MVP

    While these are GREAT features. I wanted to remind you that Duda Memberships are STILL VERY YOUNG. There will need to be time to get to where we all need it and want it to be. It seems like a lot of the functionalities you are looking for are pretty advanced with some automation built in and Duda isn't there yet. Submit your ideas to the Duda Idea board to get more attention.