Google Search Console Crawls non-Existent Duda Pages

ash Member Posts: 1

Anyone come across this problem before? I have a published Duda website indexed on Google. When Google crawls the site it finds x number of pages that it cannot index because they're a dupe of existing indexed pages. (See example.)

The pages are not in the sitemap.xml and they're not in the "pages" tab in Duda. When you click on these pages in Google Search Console though (they show up in the errors tab as not indexed) they do exist though.

Is there any way to get rid of these pages? 9 clients out of 10 wouldn't know they exist because they don't look at their analytics but they're ugly nonetheless. I suspect these are temp pages Duda saves while you're working on your site?

THANKS! for any help.



  • Bruce_McCaughan
    Bruce_McCaughan Member Posts: 130 Learner

    Some questions.

    Is this site using Dynamic Pages?

    Did a site exist on that domain before Duda?

    It looks like it might be old dynamic URLs.

    It's not (I think) a particular problem. I mean it is just letting you know that it has found those urls (somehow) and is not indexing them (as it shouldn't).

    But yeah, if you are OCD, like I am, I wish they didn't exist. Especially if they are being generated by the Duda system.