Everything is off when you switch views

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I am trying to build a new site but every time I go to look it over in tablet or mobile view somethings are moved or resized horribly. It there a setting I am missing to lock elements in place? Buttons will be moved and text resized etc. I go to adjust it on mobile or tablet then desktop looks terrible, and I feel like I am in an endless loop of trying to make it all look good across all devices. Sorry I am new to this and haven't experienced this issue before.


  • Aj_Cre8
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    Hey @Allyson127. Duda classic editor has 3 devices, but only two real views (desktop and tablet are tied together, and then mobile is separate). There is no solid way to style elements differently between desktop and tablet, unless you duplicate a section, and style each one for each view and hide the other (daunting task). You will ALWAYS need to go into the mobile view and style everything again, because Duda is not natively responsive.

    The fix, DUDA FLEX. Learn it, love it, master it. It isnt perfect, and you still need to style each breakpoint, but its far greater than the classic editor (IMHO).

    PS. Welcome to Duda and the community. Do not be afraid to ask questions.