Does anybody else have formatting issues with code blocks and dev mode?

Rhys Member Posts: 8

I find it really difficult to edit any code within the platform, whether right clicking a widget, element and using the "Edit HTML/CSS" interface, or through dev mode. Some of the odd behaviour I get:

  • Clicking the end of a line of code places the cursor about 8-12 characters away. This means I cant simply click into any line of code and edit it, I have to use the arrow keys and backspacing to try and find the piece of code I'm trying to edit.
  • Code lines don't match up in any way. Adding new lines might add them several lines down, or overlap lines.
  • Not all lines of code fit on the screen. Pressing the enter key seems to add invisible lines, and reveal code thats off the screen.

Does anybody else have these problems? Its virtually impossible for me to add custom code, only the widget editor works properly for me.



  • Aj_Cre8
    Aj_Cre8 Member Posts: 499 MVP

    I have not had any of these issues and I would make the very next stop SUPPORT, because that sounds like an engineering issue that is BAD. I do know that Duda needs to spend a lot of TLC on their Dev Mode and the way those of us who want to manipulate code. Right now, it's extremely wonky. For instance, if I right click and edit HTML/CSS if I make changes there, they should stay there. But instead, I have to then go into dev mode to find the stuff I added from the front end. CRAZY.