Duda Meetups - They’re a thing! 🤓

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Hey Community Members! 👋

Did you know that Duda hosts in-person community meetups? We do, and there could be one near you next year! Our latest event was a meetup hosted at the Louisville office in Colorado last week, with the topic of growing your digital agency 2023 playbook. We had a blast connecting with agency professionals in the area over food and drinks. 🍻

We also hosted a panel discussion that included some seasoned Duda Experts in the agency space. The panelists gave great insight into where agencies should focus their energy as we ring in the new year. While there is a good degree of economic uncertainty facing us in 2023 that has people hitting the brakes, all of the panelists agree that this is the time for you to hit the gas and ramp up your efforts.

Our panelists included: 

The event brought great discussions & tips for 2023 strategy planning. Are you interested in joining us for a future Duda meetup next year? Where would you want it to be? What would you want the discussion to focus on? Leave us a reply! Any feedback is helpful as we plan some great events for next year. 😎


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    It truly was a great event. Great discussion, venue and people. Very worthwhile. The Duda team knocked it out of the park. First class. Thank you