GA4 - filter our admin/preview pages

Bruce_McCaughan Member Posts: 127 Learner

In UA, we would create a filter to prevent Google Analytics from registering our admin and site preview traffic. Basically, blocking "/site/[siteID]".

GA4 does not provide for this method of blocking out admin/preview.

Has anyone figured out how to exclude admin/preview traffic in GA4?

And would you mind sharing the steps?


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  • Bruce_McCaughan
    Bruce_McCaughan Member Posts: 127 Learner
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    I have found that in GA4 you need to do this at the report level (not a global "filter").

    It's a bit more cumbersome, but the good news is, Reports are much easier (and able to) to manipulate and customize. Also, when setting the "hostname" exclusions in reports, the offending hostnames (, etc..) come right up with a tick box.

    Also, unlike the global filters in Universal Analytics (which only apply going forward), the report filters will filter historical data as well (it seems).