How to remove canonical URL in Duda?

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  • Aj_Cre8
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    You can't. When would you run into this issue? What's your use case?

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    Thanks for answering.

  • MDS_Agency
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    I have just run into the issue myself where it is actually an SEO issue. Typically for SEO clients you do not want the system determining the best content for search, in some cases - alot of cases we may actually want to defer to another page intentionally.

    I have an issue with kind of a wacky situation. I have a customer that had a WordPress site - this site was affected by a "Wordpress Redirect Hack" serving with Blue Host. We have converted them to a Godaddy user and a custom site from our agency. They have tons of pages indexed with naked urls (no www) when we publish with Duda it wants us to use www format and gives us DNS records for such. This client needed naked urls and not www urls. We have published both ways and ultimately reverted back to naked urls.

    Here is the issue, duda created conical links for every page - then when switching from naked to www to naked, the canonical links are stuck to the www url which is now a redirect issue.

    Bad for SEO - resolve, remove the canonical link.