Force display not working on Restaurant Menu list widget?

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As the question says, why does the attribute forcedisplay=true not work anymore when viewing a Restaurant Menu List widget on mobile?

I want to display the entire menu instead of having to click an arrow to show the next items on the menu list..

Does anyone have a workaround to force the entire list to show like on computer/tablet version? 😊

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  • Thomas_Connery
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    @nikolaj You can try the below solution (code provided). In the mobile view, update the Device Specific CSS with the below code -- Remember to update your div.u_######## so it matchs your widget's ID. I have added before and after images of the code which should help also.



    Code Example:

    *#dm *.dmBody div.u_1588141415 .menuCategory1Cols,

     *#dm *.dmBody div.u_1588141415 .dmRestaurantMenu .menuCategory2Cols { display:block !important; }

    *#dm *.dmBody div.u_1588141415 .menuCatArrow { display:none !important; }