Why is the website builder so slow these days?

Everyone on my team (and we're all over the world) has noticed that the editor has been very slow these past few days. Anyone else experiencing this slowdown?


  • Thomas_Connery
    Thomas_Connery Member Posts: 68 MVP

    Hi Camille, there could be many reasons why the editor is performing slowly. Of course internet speeds can vary but it may be your browser or computer as well. Chrome can begin taxing a computer if you have many tabs open, extensions added, etc. Overall, there are too many variables to consider. Even the site you are working on can be a factor if you've added scripts, large files/images, etc. Overall, I've noticed some slowness on occasion but generally speaking the editor is consistent and to my expectations. I would open a Duda support case if you suspect there is a problem with performance.

  • Camille
    Camille Member Posts: 3

    Thanks Thomas. I've been working with Duda for a while and this is different. My internet speed is great and all other apps are fine. When I asked my team who are located around the globe, they are also experiencing slower than usual performance. If you're not seeing issues, perhaps it is something isolated to our agency account. We have over 200 sites so perhaps a database is needing to be cleaned up or something. I agree that there are many variables to consider. If it continues I'll open a ticket. Thanks again!