Parallax with Flex Editor?

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Does anyone know if you can add parallax effects to Flex rows/backgrounds? Or do you need to mix and match classic rows with flex sections?

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    I asked Duda support as well and they responded that to implement parallax, you simply select the checkbox to "Keep image position static" in the design panel for background images. Why they didn't simply say "Parallax" is anyone's guess, but yay, it's supported!


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    Thank you.

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    I was just trying to figure out the same and came across this post. Unfortunately, fixed background image and parallax are not the same as parallax would still move but at a slower pace than the rest of the web page, which gives you a much better effect, whereas fixed does not move at all.

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    Any solution Duda? The feature is really nice.

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    More scrolling effects would definitely be nice as they are lacking.