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Hi everyone,

For an online magazine, I would need the "author" variable in the blog articles to be referenced. In other words, when using an extension such as, that the author variable is visible. 

For the moment even if I add the author when I create the blog post, it is not displayed .

Moreover, is it possible to add other variables? 

Thanks in advance




  • Thomas_Connery
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    Hi Marine, I'm not sure that I fully understand your question nor do I understand what you are trying to accomplish. I am not aware of a way to set the author name of a blog as a variable. As far as I am aware, you can manually type in an author's name for each blog post in Duda. Also - you could create new pages for each author. On those pages, you would specify a tag in the All Posts Widget that is unique for each author to show only their articles.

  • Marine
    Marine Member Posts: 7

    Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for your answer.

    Actually, I know how add an author in a blog

    But my problem is the author name doesn't appear like variable on the website like zotero :

    I show you an exemple : 

    In this example : 

    The article of my website :

    countains my name : "Marine Montagard"

    But this name doesn't appear on the Zotero field "author". 

    Do you know why ? 

    Thank you for your help 

  • Thomas_Connery
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    I am not familiar with Zotero unfortunately and am not sure what Zotero is looking for in order to identify an author. It may be a schema issue or limitation within Duda blog articles that is preventing this.