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I have a customer that has been using the Advanced eCommerce store. They access their backend to update their products but the link they were using included a domain name that is no longer valid. Support says I can give them a default Duda link but Duda support didn't tell me what that that is. Can anyone help me on this?


  • RogerK
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    After digging into the customer access options, I found out how to change my own platform domain name. Using my domain registrar, GoDaddy, I added a CNAME to another domain name I own.

    The CNAME name is "p".

    In the data or value column, I added "m.previewmymobile.com".

    I propagated right away. I then went back to my Duda Dashboard and selected:

    "White Label"/"Custom Domain" to see that my platform domain has been updated. In my Duda Dashboard I went to "Clients/Client Management" and selected my specific client, then selected "Access" in the left menu. I found the new site access link. Now I have a new site access link for my customer. I'm adding this comment in case anyone else has to change their Platform name.

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    Thank you so much for providing this update, @RogerK! I'm glad you were able to find a solution and appreciate you sharing it with the community.

    Please let me know if you have any other trouble with this type of issue.