Feedback time! Duda Connectors Strategy feedback

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Hey there Duda Web Pro's 👋

I'm currently working on a Connectors strategy for this year with the goal to have something live by mid-Q2 and wanted to get YOUR FEEDBACK!

For reference, Connectors are Zapier-like integrations for sending relevant data to and from other platforms into Duda (aka MailChimp, ActiveCampagin, etc.).

We want these to go deeper than the current Zapier connections that are sort of external right now and have these built into the App Store directly (no redirect to Zapier like the current process).

Here are my questions:

  1. Would a "Connector" (aka Trigger & Action) be something you would pay for (we'll have a FREE plan, but talking small $$$ per site)?
  2. If we do have to price these Connectors, should it be on a per-site basis, per-account (you pay once), or per-transaction (transaction = data being transferred)
  3. What are some platforms you'd like to see (I'll add a few that we've identified in the comments of this post)?
  4. What are some use cases you would like to see from a Connector (form submissions, etc.)?
  5. What would make or break this strategy in your mind?

I'll preface that this Connectors strategy will involve a 3rd party building into our platform similar to how our App Store is structured today. This allows us to move faster and start testing out use cases while the Duda product team works against their roadmap. I know this is a hot take and that Duda-built tools (widgets, apps, connectors, etc.) are what this community primarily wants, but we are doing our best to balance priorities. I'm hoping this could be a quick win for the needs of our community!

- Justin (the App Guy)