Website Preview Shown When Sharing Web Link across social.

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Can someone advise if it's possible to change the image that is automatically shown when sharing a website link across social channels? I shared my business weblink in a post on Facebook and it automatically pulled through an image when I posted the content.

Is it possible to change this image?

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  • Thomas_Connery
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    I would go to the SEO settings for the specific page you want to share and customize the logo/image then upload an image to the Social networks image (open graph) option. The new image you upload here should be the one that Facebook, etc look at when the link is shared.


  • Lorna_Blakey
    Lorna_Blakey Member Posts: 7

    Thanks, Thomas, I had updated the general Social Networks Image but hadn't updated the page-specific one. That has worked now. Thank you 😁