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Hi I am creating a new web site and have customised the privacy policy however I cannot see the privacypage in my pages list so cannot link to it from anywhere. The only link to it is in the standard privacy message when a client first arrives on the web site but I want to add a button to it on my reservations page.

Thanks in advance

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  • Thomas_Connery
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    Most of the time, I create the privacy policy manually under the 'Pages' section of the website along with all of the other pages and I do not use the privacy page option under Settings/Privacy Settings. But... if you did use the one under settings, you should be able to manually link to it using a button with the external link option. Just use the full path or URL to the page. It's not ideal but should be one way of doing it. There may be other alternatives as well.


  • wendy
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    Thank you, yes that worked perfectly. I hadn't published nor had a domain but now I have so just entered the url . Thank you for the quick response.