Landing pages for clients - Duda or External LP software?

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Hi Duda-peeps,

What do we all use for capturing leads for our clients?

Do you use Duda to create your own landing pages, or have you found it best to use a separate landing page software to capture leads?

I would like to keep it all under DUDA but also want some best practices as to how we capture leads while maintaining the SEO for our existing sites, etc ...

Any feedback?




  • Shane_Hodge
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    Hi @Mattb good to hear from you. Wow good question, with a lot of good answers. We use and build for others landing pages only with duda. The keys to success? Great design that gets to the point, call to action thats linked to a form that leads to a sale, or data capture for follow up and conversion. The method is simple selling 101, the doing? Its still simple with duda, just needs some good design and marketing smarts. Here if you need us Mate.

  • Robert_Tickner
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    Hi Matt,

    I build out Landing Pages for clients using Duda, especially if your running paid ads + which helps build your overall site's keywords. Also, for local businesses 'Location' Landing Pages really help capture a specific audience.

    It would be nice if Duda had a built-in funnel or some re-marketing email campaign setups though...

    I like to use Typeform rather than Duda's standard forms. Then you could also use Zapier to automate what you want.