Managing Members?

JoyD Member Posts: 1

Hi there! I'm new to Duda. I love the simplicity of page protection via the Membership feature, but I'm not seeing a way to automatically add or remove members, nor does it seem like you can search for somebody to manually remove them.

Am I just missing it? Theoretically, the Business level with paid memberships goes up to 10,000 members. Surely you wouldn't have to scroll through 9,999 people to remove access for the last person on the list?

What are others doing?



  • RebeccaReads
    RebeccaReads Member Posts: 2

    Agreed, I use this feature and really like it however a sort, filter, search function would make this far more user friendly. Currently there is no logic to how members are listed and makes management tedious.

    Any or all of the above would be extremely helpful