SOLVED: New Blog Layout Doesn't Show on Published Blog Posts?

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Hi all,

I've added elements to the bottom of my blog post layout and that appear when I am editing an individual blost post. When I actually publish the post, the revised layout content just won't show up and I'm seeing the blog post content displayed in the old layout. For reference, I tried publishing a new blog post after updating the layout and it's also showing the old layout on the published posts. Can anyone offer any pointers?

FWIW, the content I've added at the bottom is a DIY author bio row.

Thank you,


EDIT: I realized that I hadn't hit "publish" on my site and that once I did, the problem was solved :)


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  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Thanks for updating this, @kaitlin! I'm glad you were able to solve this one with a quick fix.