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A client wants to use recurring billing for donations. provides an SDK that allows this. Has anyone does this with a Duda site...perhaps making a javascript widget?

The SDK is from their official GitHub. API Documentation

Is there a way to get the SDK components into duda OR is this where I just create another hosted site, make it a subdomain, drop the SDK and custom components then just iframe it onto my duda site?




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  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Hi @Rene,

    This is a good question. I checked with the team and it looks like you'll need a middle point somewhere, or "middleware."

    You could put the JS in a site, and do the initial post to, but then you need to use your own server to post the payment object to authorize.

    Does that make sense?


  • Rene
    Rene Member Posts: 38

    It does make sense. It would appear that I would need the hosting of a generic server that I could setup as a subdomain if needed which can run the PSP SDK code (Or JS SDK) then drop an iframe on the Duda page.

    ...or.. Setup the SDK on that generic hosted server and run the main JS script in Duda once I specify where the libraries are hosted...after verifying that private keys, etc. are not visible via F12.

    Out of curiosity, I want to see if it flies.

    Thanks...if I am pointed in the right direction, good Scotty. 👍