Short video take up entire screen and then go into the website

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Does anyone know of a way for a video to take over the entire screen (or most of it) and then just automatically go into the site once its done. Its going to be a short 3d annimation of the clients logo. Any ideas would be appreciated!


  • Rene
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    Hi Courtney. While waiting for an actual smart person to answer, consider the HTML Meta tage:

    How to Redirect a Web Page in HTML (


    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="7; url=''" />

    Let's say the home page features a 7 second video. 7 represents the number of seconds to delay, so if the video is 7 seconds, this command should redirect to whatever page you want on the site.


    Alternatively, here is a link to a really small script that launches a video in a second window, that closes that window after a certain number of milliseconds. Of course, you would wrap in the appropriate <script> tags.

    var secondWindow;
    function openWindow(){"./pop.html", "",'width=200,height=100');

    I am not an expert in that area, but perhaps an expert will weigh in while you play with these possibilities.


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    Thank you @Rene. I was really hoping I could simply put something similar to a popup where it could close out after a few seconds (much like you can have a pop up appear after a specific number of seconds).

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    Yep. That is what that second option is promising. Open the popup which is playing the video for a certain number of seconds then close after that. See the "SecondWindow.close" in the code with the timing behind it?