Semantic HTML change to blog layout?


I think the answer is no but I thought I would ask anyways.

It looks like the standard blog functionality has the Post Title field tied to an <h3> but I would like it to be an <h1> instead so I can make the automated page errors go away on the page being semantically incorrect.

I think the answer is to make a custom collection.



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  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    Some templates have the blog title as H3 (sloppy coding on the part of Duda).

    In some cases, you can fix this by editing the template. Disconnect the title. Change to H1. Reconnect to the blog title.

    Tho, I understand, in some cases/templates there is a BUG that doesn't allow you to do the above.


  • jamjarrett
    jamjarrett Member Posts: 6

    I've been running into that bug. I tried it several different ways but wasn't able to get the H1 to stick. Thank you for the answer.

  • joaoUpSites
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    Maybe not the correct way to achieve this, but as you told you tried other ways to figure this out without success. You can use javascript to change the h3 tag element to a h1 html tag. It's a small code of JS to achive this result. And will work for Google Crawler, beacause it uses renderized code on DOM to index the pages