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Anyone figure out how to do a blog post that has multiple images and/or videos and only need to use the text editor one time? right now it seems like we have to input some text, then use a new widget to input an image or video, then add another text box, then another image or video widget, then add another text widget, than another video or image widget

this seems like it would be much easier if the text editor ahd the ability to add image and embed video

am i missing something here? why is this so difficult in Duda?


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    Hi there, @agncybldrpro & @Stresor! There is actually a feature request in the official Duda Ideas Board about this. As you'll be able to see it's currently marked as being in the 'Backlog', which means that the idea has been accepted, and is in the 'to-do list' (i.e., the 'backlog'). The backlog is always very full, and the best way to guarantee your idea will get priority is to vote for it in the Ideas Board.

    I sympathise with wanting to have the simplicity of a simple text editor for the client to play with. It is not only easier for the client to learn, but also means that the client would be less likely to add layout elements which might spoil the entire page design which you probably spent hours getting just right.

    Nevertheless, having the ability to drag widgets of different types into the Blog content does have some serious advantages — which would be very difficult or impossible to have with a simple text editor. Think, for example, that even on blogs using a very minimalistic article layout it is possible for the client to add a lot of visual variety to their posts: by using different widgets they have easy access to photo sliders and galleries, complex lists, tables, maps, and a whole lot of other interactive elements they can add at will — like buttons, accordions, tabs and before/after sliders. And if they happen to love that 'floating-image-to-the-left' type of layout, they can just use a Text & Image Widget.

    It also means that in the case of clients that might need custom widgets for specialised Blog content (charts & Infographs), or for specific artistic/design requirements (duotone images, animations). We can just create the widget, and they will immediately have it available to them.

    So, while I'm sure we will eventually get a revamped text editor, in the meantime it might be worth our time to spend a little time educating our clients on the advantages the widget-based approach does have — and how it gives them features and flexibility that it would be difficult to find with another platform!