Centered items changing position between desktop and tablet view - how to fix?

cswilliams Member Posts: 5

I know I'm probably missing something easy, but I have quite a few components that will not stay centered when I switch to tablet view, and it's driving me nuts.

I have both dragged the items to center-alignment, or tried putting equal padding on either side. The items are centered in desktop but when I switch to tablet they get pushed off to the right of the column (in some cases, off-screen).

Example: (this example includes one image, one button, and one text item, so the problem is not component-specific)

Desktop view

Tablet view:

Quite a few of these, not just in my footer. I seem to have random components across all my pages acting this way.

Is there not a simple setting for each component that says "keep center aligned regardless of column-size"?

Thanks in advance