bug report: hidden header is appearing on desktop. element from mobile showing in same view.

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Hey bug pros,

I have a fun one. On desktop, I'm getting a weird mix of hidden tablet elements, desktop elements, and mobile elements. The widget in the body in this image is set to only appear on mobile. The tablet header is set to be hidden in general and shouldn't be there at all. And it looks like the desktop header is still hanging around for good measure. Any way to not get all of the devices to appear on the same page on desktop? It's not this way in the editor. Ideally it would look like the second picture, which is the desktop/tablet responsive design. I think something might be broken... At about 767px it starts to show all of desktop/tablet/mobile mixed up.


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  • Michelle_V
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    Hey Liz. Noticed this was answered via ticket. Pasting the response here for posterity.

    "The default behavior of submenus in vertical navigation is, if you navigate to a page that is part of a sub menu, the menu that includes this page stays open as long as you are on one of the submenu pages, so you can see where you are at on the site.

    If you are on a page that is not part of the sub menu, you should be able to open and close the sub menu freely by clicking the arrow next to it.

    In other words, "Education and Events" will stay open as long as you are in a page that is inside that sub menu, and if you move to a page in say, "News & Opportunities", you will be able to close "Education and Events".

    There is no way to change this behavior at this time, but we do have this as a request on our idea board here: https://ideas.duda.co/forums/930658-duda-idea-board/suggestions/41793385-option-for-sub-menu-to-stay-closed-when-active.

    Our idea board is a way for our developer team to know which features are most wanted by our customers."

    Best regards!


  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    I don't like how all pages expand. IMHO, it should ONLY expand to the level of the current page, and its parents (up the line). But as it is now, I believe "cousin" pages will also expand themselves. These makes for too many pages expanded. It would be easier for the user to "see where [they] are at on the site" with fewer nav tabs expanded.

    Even if you disagree, the only REAL solution is to allow US to decide with some sort of toggle.