GTM + Trigger dpage view

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Hi, I'm new and a bit inexperienced. I followed the guidelines in detail: I pasted both gtm scripts in the htm part at the end of the body, then I created the dpage view trigger (I read that it was essential to activate the tag) and connected it to the tag, but now if I debug with tag assistan it tells me that the tag is not connected to the site.

Where am I doing wrong? please i need some help :)


  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    In addition to adding the container scripts to the Duda site. You need to add analytics tags and triggers to the the container. That can be a generic page view or (in the case of Universal Analytics only) the OPTIONAL Duda dpage view thingy.

    As explained the the other thread, it is not "essential". Merely an optional pageview trigger that imported some Duda-specific data into your Universal Google Analytics.

    Not need (nor available, I believe) in GA4.

  • Davide
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    In the meantime, thanks for the answer, but I think I've already done what you write, so I prefer to go step by step because I'm convinced that I'm wrong with something I can't see.

    I am attaching 3 images, the first is the base itself: is it glued correctly? if we move on to the second one, this is the tag with the associated triggers, maybe tell me if something is superfluous or not.

    the last image instead is the debug window where it tells me that the tag is not active. If instead I select the jtag at the top then it shows me the details.

    Where am I wrong? Thanks for your patience but for me it is really important