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Good Morning:

I've exchanged several emails with Duda tech support and I'm extremely frustrated as my question is not being answered.

Last week I went live with a website that the URL once was pointed at Wix using GoDaddy.

I successfully went live but the email was not working. I called GoDaddy he asked me for the C Name and A Name records. I provided him with this:


  • Host: www
  • Points to:

A Records

  • First A Record:
    • Host/Alias: @
    • Target/Destination:
  • Second A Record:
    • Host/Alias: @
    • Target/Destination:

Email has been down for a week and the client is rightfully upset. I asked Duda if I provided GoDaddy with the correct information and the response was your website is working and we don't host emails. VERY FRUSTRATING and disappointed with Duda support.

Does anyone know if I provided GoDaddy with the correct information? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks in advance


  • Arnoldo_L
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    Hi Jessica,

    My name is Arnoldo​ , and I am a manager on the Support Team here at Duda. 

    I am very sorry to learn that your experience with our support did not meet your standards. As a manager on the team, feedback is extremely valuable to us and a big component in how we get better every day. We have received your feedback, and will be working with the team to see where we can improve going forward.

    In regards to your original inquiry, I can confirm that the information you relayed to GoDaddy is correct. To connect a domain to Duda, all you need are those three records above. If GoDaddy is asking for any other record to set up your mailbox, you will need to reach out to wherever you registered the mailbox. If the email was purchased through Wix, then they should be able to provide you with any records you need to set up your mailbox with GoDaddy. We unfortunately do not have access to that information.

    Our team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional support, so thank you again for your valuable feedback. 

    Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.



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    Where is the email being hosted? You will need the MX Records from the email provider ie. Google, Microsoft 365, etc. Once you have the MX Record, you will import that into Godaddy DNS Settings. When you did the swap, the MX Records may have come out accidentely so you just need to place them back in.