Customize order notifications - only in HTML?

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I would like to add one or two lines to every email notification that goes out, just at the bottom, an ask and link for reviews. Anytime I pull up the notification editor, it only shows HTML. Is there any other space to add a default line to all outgoing email or would it need to be added in the proper spot within each notification in HTML format? If so, any links or guides there would be appreciated, the Duda instructions do not provide much help there. Thanks!



  • bear96
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    Example from one of the notification emails - where are we able to see and update these?

    If we can edit that orderconfirmation.thanks area, I believe it would allow us to change what is shown here on the preview template below at the bottom, this is all I'm trying to update and I can't see an option to do this...

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    Give Me access so that clear this point thanks

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    Provide your answers for the community please.

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    Does it give you the option to edit the HTML? If so you can add your links that way!