Paywall for PDF downloads?

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Hello - I'm a Duda novice.

My client has published an e-book - we wish to sell the complete book and each of the 20 chapters individually.

What is the best /simplest approach with Duda to accept payment before allowing download of each specific PDF?

This is the site :

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  • courtneyquaresimo
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    You can set up digital products through the store for selling individual items. Something cool your client might be interested in as well is the membership program Duda offers. Maybe they have a "Book Club" or something like that where if someone signs up as a member at the price point she sets, they get access to anothing in the membership.

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    Thank you for your reply @courtneyquaresimo .

    I've set up all 13 items (not 20 as mentioned above) in the eshop - although these may not be digital products as tangible products populate the shop when first adding it. I see there is the option to turn off shipping - BUT have no idea if this makes it a digital product - Could you give a pointer, please?

    I've yet to set up Stripe.

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    @courtneyquaresimo This article speaks about digital products, but the directions do not correspond to the on screen options.

    Here are two screen grabs, with the instructions below


    To add a digital product:

    1. In the left panel, click eCommerce, and then click Manage Store.
    2. Click Catalog, and then click Products.
    3. Next to a product, click Edit Product.
    4. Click the Files tab.
    5. Upload the files you want to sell.


    There is a 'Product Catalog' tab - so selected it as it seemed the only option

    There is a 'Product Page' - so selected it as it seemed the only option

    However - I can't see an 'Edit Product' button or a 'Files' tab, so I am stuck again.

    I am sure there is an easy explanation - but it is not clear what it is or what steps should be taken.

    Please further advice and comments needed.

    Many thanks,