Are there blog improvements coming?

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I've always loved the Duda platform, but one thing that's always been lagging for me is the blog. As important as blogs can be, I wish it had the basic features of standard blogs.

Are there any updates coming that would offer basic thing things like:

  • Categories
  • Ability to show posts by dates
  • Multiple blogs in one site (for example, a public one and one in a restricted area)

For the widget, it would be nice to have more options like showing multiple tags.


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  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Hi @villnave,

    I did get some updates from the team. Right now, our Product squad is working on several improvements that should be available in early June! I can't share those details yet until they are finalized and live, but I will be sure to share an update once they are.

    For right now, we don't support categories, but you could add tags to the blog posts and then filter the all post widget to only display posts that have those tags.

    I hope to share good news with you on more updates soon!


  • ScottyStrehlow
    ScottyStrehlow Member Posts: 307 Duda Staff

    Hi @villnave - that's a great question! Let me check with the Duda team. I'll follow up once I have more information. 😊

  • JillatLume
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    Any updates on this? We're struggling with the same limitations with Duda's blog capabilities. Mainly a client needing multiple blogs on their site (one for the purpose of using as obituary postings and second as a traditional blog)

    Also needing capabilities to print.

  • kerri_at_lume
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    As well as the ability for people to leave comments without signing into facebook

  • randyh
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    Can anyone tell me how to update the HTML in a blog? I can't update the og: url and it is causing some SEO issues. I'm not sure where the og: is populating from but it's wrong and I don't know how to fix this issue. The developer mode in the blog layout or individual blog pages also doesn't work at all. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.