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Hello, What is the best way to install Facebook Conversion API on duda. I basically want to track and re target my website visitors and the current Facebook pixel is not doing its job properly due to iOS 14 updates. There is a way to install through Google Server Tag but I am not sure where to add the server TAG in Duda.

Please help and I appreciate your responses :)

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  • migs
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    I am also looking for a solution for this, desperately! Wordpress has a plugin that does everything automatically. How do we incorporate the Facebook Conversion API in Duda?

  • Shane_Hodge
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    Hey @ScottyStrehlow wow two in one ok I will check with the digital mkt team and dev team this morning to see what can be done for @migs and @mohsinkhalid back soon

  • migs
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    Hi Team @ScottyStrehlow @Shane_Hodge Thank you so much for the responses. Implementing the conversion API requires an in-depth knowledge of coding and is not the same as loading the pixel on to the website. Hence why there is usually an app or plugin to assist with this. Would be great if we can get a solution for this. I might be one person asking. But we have over a 100 sites with you.

  • LincolnJr
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    I am so upset about this and this is the first comment by someone that seems to understand. @migs this is becoming frustrating. I am not a tech. That's why I went with Duda. Not only do I have my own website on Duda, I also have clients. Our ads performance is horrible. A plugin would really be helpful. I see other platforms have a plugin. I am really hoping that this is addressed soon but I see that it was first raised in 2021.

  • migs
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    Hi Team, can we please have an update on this? We are dealing with the same ad performance issues due to the API issue.

  • VanMadison
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    Adding my own concerns. There is no maybe here. If people cannot track iOS then they might as well not track ad data. This has been out for years. My heart goes out to those who have client sites here. I have two personal sites here and will likely have to migrate my nonprofit off of Duda because we need the data for fundraising. If that goes, I might as well take both. Too bad, but I cannot see how I could build a client site here and I was thinking of doing so with a build starting in two weeks.

  • Thomas_Connery
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    @Elizabeth_Fedak, is this something you can help with?

  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    Thanks @Thomas_Connery — I'm focusing exclusively on dynamic widgets and custom Supabase/Stripe membership integrations going forward with Widget Pro.
    TBH I don't know a thing about tracking/ads/conversions conceptually beyond the basics. OP, I recommend following up w/ Shane and if his team doesn't take on a custom dev project to look for someone on Upwork who specifically has experience w/ this conversion API and to add an idea to the duda Idea.duda.co board if you haven't done so already.