the Text changes on mobile are being saved on all platform views , how can I only edit mobile?

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the Text changes on mobile are being saved on all platform views , how can I only edit mobile?

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  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    Hey @NiuDaVinci ! To have content that only appears on mobile, you can use a feature that enables you to hide content on other devices. If you need the text widget to display on all 3 devices, you can make a duplicate version and edit them uniquely on those pages.

    This article covers how you can edit by device using the 'hide on device' feature and some of the steps are pasted below !:)

    To edit content per-device:

    1. Copy the content that you would like to be device-specific. Right-click the widget, click copy, then click paste.
    2. Right-click on one of the widgets, select Hide on device, then select the device where you want the widget to be hidden. For example, setting a button to Hide on Desktop removes the button from the desktop, but displays the button in the tablet and mobile sites.
    3. Click on the original content and select Hide on device, then hide the content on the device(s) on which you do not want to change this content. For example, if you set your copy button to Hide on Desktop, you would set the original button to Hide on Tablet and Hide on Mobile. This way, you will have two different buttons; one showing on your desktop and a different one showing on your tablet and mobile.
    4. If you want the content to be different on all three devices, you can copy it again (so you have a total of three copies of the same content) and have a different button displayed on each device.
    5. You now have two (or three) identical, but different pieces of content, each displayed on a different device. Any further changes made to this content will only affect the device on which it is set to show.