Duda vs Wordpress

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Almost every web designer has received the dreaded request: "Can you build my site on Wordpress?". We may often feel stuck for a good response to convince them of the advantages of Duda and it's a good idea to have a standard answer ready to copy and paste for these types of enquiries.

Be sure to check out this article as it outlines the security and ease of use of Duda:

A side-by-side comparison on how Duda beats WordPress in 11 categories

I have summarised some advantages for a client to use Duda.

  • Website software updates and feature upgrades are continually included across all sites automatically, no need for manual updates = ALWAYS RUNNING THE LATEST VERSION
  • The platform is FAST, SEO OPTIMISED and runs on world renowned Amazon servers
  • There will be no issues with external plugins crashing when there is a software or server update = PEACE OF MIND
  • The general security is tighter, the platform scripts are locked from hackers. Wordpress is open source and hackers can access the code and learn how to get into a website = SECURE
  • The editor is lovely (easy/fun) to use to manage your site - MUCH nicer than Wordpress! = EASY TO USE
  • Many cool WIDGETS are included as standard (you could list any that suit the client eg notifications, sliders etc) and any other special widgets are part of the platform, not a tacked on extra which would normally bloat a site, slow it down and create security issues

As a disclaimer, if the client needs a sophisticated Blog, Wordpress isn't out of the question and may be a good fit. But for all of my clients who need a business website that works to convert browsers into buyers, Duda will be the perfect choice.

Feel free to comment below on how you handle the dreaded Wordpress question :)