my search tags for my images where removed and was displaying numbers after downloading the image

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when i upload and image on my website with the search tags, after uploading, and when you download the image back, the search tags will not be there again but bring a number like 234354 for the image. please how do i fix this?


  • Aj_Cre8
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    I am wondering why you are experiencing this. This is not something I have seen before! If you are still experiencing this, I would reach out to support because it seems to be an Engineering Issue.. I know when I upload images I have no issues with seeing the names and searching for them. Thanks you @Thomas_Connery for pinning me back in on this. My answer was blank when I was experiencing that issue with the community mobile site. Its resolved now though.

  • Thomas_Connery
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    @Aj_Cre8, do you recall what you posted previously? You likely have a better answer than I do. 😄

    I'm curious why adding search tags and preserving them is that important. Do you think it's going to provide a big SEO boost? Or is there another reason behind it?

    As a best practice you can name your image file a certain way, set a logical alt image tag, and as long as it's not a background image, Google Images should index it and support your overall SEO objectives within image search results. Geo tagging is typically optional as well. At least based on my experience.