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I've just added UPS as a shipper to my store.

Under "UPS Account Settings", I'm asked to provide Access Key, User ID, and Password.

However UPS states the following:


Legacy UPS Developer Kit

Announcements and API Updates

If you were sent here by a software provider to obtain an access key, please share the below with them as they will need to update their integration to OAuth auth-code grant type in order to continue to enable their services.

By June 2023, UPS will no longer issue new API access keys.

UPS has implemented an OAuth 2.0 security model for all APIs to enhance the overall security for our customers, reduce fraud and provide enhanced API capabilities. OAuth replaces access keys with a client ID and client secret for authentication. New OAuth credentials must be created on the UPS Developer Portal.


I can't find anywhere that Duda has implemented OAuth. And I can't generate a new access key at UPS.




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    Having the same issue and can't find any answer. I'll bookmark this post to see if you get an answer.