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Hi all. When a user submits a message on the 'contact form' widget, as well as submission message showing up on the site, is it possible to have a thank you email going to that user also? Cannot see the function on the builder pages. This allows me to confirm the email, but also continue a conversation. Thanks


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  • Aj_Cre8
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    Hey @Souwester, you could (I believe) integrate your Duda site with Zapier so that when a "form submission" is triggered, a "marketing email (thank you email)" is sent.

    If you are familiar with Zapier you can read all about their integrations with Duda HERE. If you need help setting something like this up, you can reach out to the Experts that Duda Recommends.

  • Souwester
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    Hi. Thanks for that Aj. I assume that requires a paid account with Zapier?

  • community_manager
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    Hey @Souwester!

    It depends on how many automations you need. You may want to look at their pricing page, as they do offer a free tier.

  • Rich_Keller
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    Love zapier, but it can be pricy if you need a lot of zaps. The forms also can send directly to MailChimp and constant contact, free accounts just have their logo on the email, pay to remove their branding, or a webhook for something like sendgrid, where you can then automate a new subscriber welcome email to be the AutoResponse to the form, plus then you automatically have a updated list of leads you can hit later.

  • ChrisB
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    @Souwester I integrated my SaaS platform contact forms into my Duda sites. This direct feeds the contact info from the website into a platform with native email marketing and automation workflows. I looked at all of the other options like Zapier, Integromat, etc. and found this the best way for my agency to reduce the workload. Super excited for the How to “StartUp” Your SEO for SaaS Webinar tomorrow! A SaaS CRM may not be in your roadmap but I can attest to the benefits for my agency, it may be worth a look if you haven't already.