How Does Duda Deal With Browser Caching of CSS?

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I'm just starting with Duda, but have been running into an issue: my site's CSS does not seem to be updated when I republish the site. I've been moving elements in my layout to different positions, changing margins, and doing other minor adjustments, but they are not reflected on the browser, even after publishing - although they look fine in the Duda Editor.

At first I thought it was a browser caching issue. So I closed the site in the browser, erased my history, emptied my cache, quit and re-opened the browser, and tried accessing the site again. No change. The old styles still being loaded… So I tried a different browser - one which had never visited the site before. Same thing: the old CSS, with the old styles (before my latest changes) are the ones being loaded. So it's not a local cache issue. The actual CSS being served by Duda's server (or CDN) is still the old one.

When does Duda update the CSS that is being served with our latest changes? Is there a process for 'refreshing' the CSS manually? Is there a trick?

Any guidance is truly appreciated, as I can see us running into very serious issues with clients because of this…