Questions? We have answers! Join us for an AMA with Duda’s Co-Founders

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Last week we announced our first ever DudaCon, a 3 day live-streamed event. On Thursday, January 27, 2022, we hosted our first AMA with Duda’s Co-Founders. Missed it? Watch the recap below:



  • Aj_Pfeil
    Aj_Pfeil Member Posts: 229 MVP

    What's a agency gotta do to get some Site For Life back?? 😂🤣😂🤣..

  • Eric_Belliveau
    Eric_Belliveau Member Posts: 2

    What are your overall plans with internal/external collections this year? I find we're constantly developing new connected widgets, and it would be helpful to know if that's something Duda has plans to further develop or improve upon the few connected widgets currently available.

  • Alastair_Manning
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    In the current technology landscape. When will Multi Factor Authentication come to Duda to help security for Agencies and our clients accounts? 

  • Alastair_Manning
    Alastair_Manning Member Posts: 17

    Couple more questions from our team. 

    From one of the dev team. When will you be updating React to the newer function based version instead of the currently used class based one?

    How do you see the new membership system being expanded this year for example the ability for different member groups or the ability for members to view select widgets on a page? 

  • Sheyla
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    @Alastair_Manning @Eric_Belliveau @Aj_Pfeil

    Thank you for your questions! See you at the AMA :)