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Hey all,

With all the excitement over AI, with this past #DudaCon; I wanted to share a tool we use in our own agency.

We don't use it a lot - just for full transparency. However, we do have a couple of clients paying a premium for blog post that we use this tool to write.

We purchased a Lifetime Deal at AppSumo for WordHero.co.

We also, went ahead and purchased the upgrade once we got into our account.

With this tool you can generate Blog Ideas, Topics, Bullet Points, Paragraphs, and SO MUCH MORE. Blog post are just the tip of the iceberg. I highly encourage you to check out their instructional YouTube channel to learn how you can master this tool, and add value / revenue to your agency in this new AI world.


  • sbde
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    Wordhero is a very good tool to get off of the blank page!

    I tend to use ChatGTP the most as a starting point and have a whole toolbox of content creation software ready to go:

    Helloscribe – a current favourite.

    supercopy.ai – if you want to work from an ideal client persona

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    @Aj_Cre8 Thanks for sharing recommendations with the community! It's exciting to see AI tools like this making a good impact. Your recommendation to explore their instructional YouTube channel for mastering the tool is a helpful tip, especially in today's AI-driven content world.

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    @Aj_Cre8 - congratulations, you've won some swag as a winner of our recent AI Insights Giveaway! 🎉

    Please check your DMs for details.