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I'm attempting to redirect an http domain from wordpress to Duda.

The old domain is a subdomain -

The new is this:

I've read these two articles and attempted to do the redirect setup on Duda's end.

I'm positive I'm doing something wrong since it hasn't changed anything.

Please help.

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  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    That interface is ONLY for redirecting pages within the Duda's site's domain.
    If you want to redirect from another domain (or sub-domain) you would need to do that from the DNS manager.

    But, there's an easier way.
    Change the CNAME "school" for school.stjames…. to point to multiscreen (like you did for www).
    Then add the sub domain as an additional domain on the Duda site.
    Then, everything will revert to the new domain.

    Then, you can come back to the URL Redirect interface and redirect your pages.
    But note, you WON'T be entering the full URL of the sub-domain. Lik I said, all URLs will now be on the main new domain.
    So, you just enter the part after …

    Hope that makes sense :-)


  • Obeck
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    Thank you, Bruce, for your help. Seems easy enough. I'm working on it but am having issues finding these tools on WP.

  • Obeck
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    Ok, within my ability to find the correct places to do things, I bet I'm doing it the hard way. But I was able to tell wordpress to redirect the base subdomain to the new site. So I'll just figure out a way to be sure every page of the subdomain goes to the new site. Either by manually redirecting every page or figuring out the one setting here that will forward everything.