Building Better Websites with AI

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Our agency has fully integrated AI into our workflow, enhancing our value and boosting revenue. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of our process:

  1. Initial Zoom Consultation: We begin with a one-on-one Zoom session with our client to understand their business. We ask about their business background, reasons for starting, unique selling points, ideal customers, and more, totaling around 20-25 questions.
  2. Transcription: The Zoom recording is transcribed to text.
  3. Setting Up AI: We prepare a Chat GPT prompt folder tailored to our client's target audience. The transcribed text is then fed to the AI.
  4. SEO Integration: We've conducted SEO research in advance and have a list of keywords we aim to rank for. This list is provided to the AI to ensure the content aligns with SEO goals.
  5. Content Generation: We prompt the AI with specific requests, such as "Create a concise homepage intro that resonates with our target audience" or "Design a captivating heading for the previously written intro." We use over 50 different prompts, and some prompts might be repeated for variations.
  6. Human Editing: The AI-generated content undergoes rigorous editing by our team of writers. It's also checked for originality and proofread for errors.

This is the coolest option but we also use it to:

-Write outlines

-Create Social Posts

-Audience Research

-Topic Ideation

-Content Gap Analysis

Protip 1: AI is not a copy-and-paste solution; it still requires heavy editing from our team of writers. Our writing is better, but it didn't really save us time in the long run.

Protip 2: Try using some of the other LLMs available to keep your content fresh. We really like Claude AI as well as Chat GPT.


  • visioncraft
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    @Zhuff96 may I ask, what tool(s) do you use for your SEO keyword research? 🧐

  • Zhuff96
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    @visioncraft We utilize a couple of different methods. To establish keywords, here is a highlight.

    1. We utilize the Keyword Finder Chrome Extension. its offered by
    2. We also do manual competitor analysis, which helps us identify keywords as we read the content. Really simple: grab a blank sheet of paper and write down the words that apply to your customer's industry. Pro Tip: Count the number of times they appear, and you get a good idea of which keywords are most valuable. This works really well on the sites that rank #1 for the main category terms like Plumbing Company or HVAC Company.

    Once you have done this 100s of times across your niche markets, the need for a "Keyword Research Tool" is less important.