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I've set up my native shop and indicated I accept AUD under the Business information section. However, when someone buys something, it charges everything in USD. How can I get it charging in AUD? This is an urgent issue, but haven't heard back from support yet, so trying here.


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  • community_manager
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    Hi @JanelleB,

    I checked with our Support team on this, and I can now confirm that a fix is in place for this issue.

    An important note: You will still need to go back and save your store settings again. Once this is complete everything should be updated correctly.

    I hope that works for you!


  • visioncraft
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    Just guessing here, @JanelleB, but try checking your currency setup in your payment gateway - i.e., what currency you've setup in the Stripe or PayPal account you're using with you Duda store. If there's a discrepancy between the currency in Duda, and the currency in Stripe/PayPal, the one the payment gateway will use is whatever you've setup in their account.

  • JanelleB
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    Thanks @visioncraft I've checked with Stripe and all good at that end, so somewhere in the integration I am guessing there is a hitch, but I am going to have to see what the Duda folk come up with. It has been escalated apparently, but I am getting desperate!

  • JanelleB
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    Sadly, this has not worked. I have rechecked all my store settings, rpublished, and still being charged in USD! This is seriously impacting my business now. Please provide more details on what I should have resaved, in case I have missed something.

  • JanelleB
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    OK, so it wasn't about checking the details, it was about re-entering them, which is what I now tried. And joy… it seems to have worked! I just got a receipt in AUD! "happy dance"