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Hello all,

If we save a section as a "Team Section", does it then automatically update wherever it was placed (when we then need to EDIT that same "Team Section")? Or does it have to be placed back into the site every time it was edited?

The goal is to repeat a few teaser rows of content throughout a site. And, only edit that content ONCE when needed (and it then dynamically updates). These are more visual widgets rather than heavy data ones full of content so I am not sure connected data is the answer or am I missing the boat on that?

We thought we could save these as TEAM SECTIONS but when those original Team Sections are edited, the updates do not automatically update wherever we placed them (or is that just a bug?)

Thanks for your insight.


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    Hey @Lisa ! Unfortunately the Team sections don't work that way. They're really just templates for rows. So similar to when you are creating a new site from a template, if you were to edit that template, it would not affect any site that was already developed using that template. The instances of the team sections are unlinked and the only relation is that they were injected into the site using the same starter code.

    You have a couple of options:

    • Create a team section and when you insert it into the page, connect the specific content to a business info field. When you need to update content, update the business info field. If you need to update the colors etc you'll need to do that manually.
    • Use the API to inject content - Requires coding knowledge. Duda Experts can help w/ this as a paid service.
    • Create the teaser content in a custom widget that you drop into the site. When you want to update the content, update and republished the widget and everything will update. Requires some coding skills. The Duda Experts page can be used to hire a Duda Expert to do this one for you too.
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    @Elizabeth_Fedak incredible response (as always)

    Adding a direct link to Duda Experts in case you'd like a fellow pro to help you with this project @Lisa ☺️

  • Lisa
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    Appreciate the insight - thank you!