Podcast & Video - playlist availability?

cswilliams Member Posts: 5


Have client who does sporadic podcasts and videos and wants them on the site. Looking for a solution that requires minimal client interaction (and zero from me post-development).

Currently they use Spotify for podcasts, and Facebook/TIk Tok for videos.

I didn't see any widget that actually imports an entire playlist and has ability to play podcast/video (and not sure if FB/TT even has playlists, per se).

I know I can embed an individual podcast and FB video, and that may be the simplest solution. But it has 2 minor drawbacks

  • No playlists - just whichever podcast/video is embedded (and not sure I want to keep embedding new players for each subsequent file)
  • Client will have to manually update the embed code each time

Any somewhat easy solutions out there?

Also, for videos, is there a YouTube solution that qualifies - might be able to get client to start a YouTube channel if so.