Need some white labeled video tutorials?

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Hey everyone! It’s Dan from the Customer Education team here at Duda and I am stoked to introduce…


We started with 15 of the most requested topics including a basic editor overview, how to use widgets, and how to add a blog post and we’re excited to continue adding more videos over the next few quarters. 

You and your clients can access the new video library directly at the link above or from the White Label Support Portal.

Use it to demonstrate value to prospective clients, solve support issues, and empower your clients to take on simple website tasks.

Thank you to everyone who submitted and voted for this idea on the Duda Ideas Board and within the Community! We built this for you!

Now let’s celebrate! 🎉🙌🏼


  • Vanessa_Browne
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    This is fantastic! Thanks Duda. This will save a lot of time and effort in bringing clients up to speed.

  • community_manager
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    We think so too! Glad these white label videos will speed up your onboarding workflow!

  • Thomas_Connery
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    Wonderful, looking forward to reviewing these!

  • community_manager
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  • Vanessa_Browne
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    I do have a suggestion. I'm sure I'm not alone in having clients who aren't at all used to the "technical" side of building websites. These training videos are great, but I feel like we need a couple of starter videos entitled "how to change text" and "how to change images" or even just one video that's really simple that goes over how to make basic content changes.

    This seems to be missing at the moment.

    I feel like the current videos are still presented from a designer perspective rather than an end-user perspective. I'd like Duda to assume that a lot of clients who will be viewing these videos don't know what a "widget" or "collection" is and need the most basic of help with simple content updates. If you were a client with no technical background who might occasionally need to update website content, where would you want to start and what would you want explained to you? Being presented with 14 videos with no logical sequence or idea where to start is not the best user experience.

    A great user experience would be to have a "Start Here" section at the top with the Basic Editor Overview video in that section, rather than buried with the rest of the videos. A simple video on how to update text and images also needs to be in the "Start Here" section.

    I appreciate having these videos to show to clients. Hope it's OK I've suggested a few tweaks.

  • joaoUpSites
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    This is fantastic! Just one thing I was unable to download Closed Caption/subtitles. Can you help me with this? @Dan_Hansen

  • Paul_Lancieri
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    G@Sheyla this is good info right here!! @Vanessa_Browne I agree with a few of your points. What I would do until Duda gets a "training" video is just use your favorite video capturing software and record your screen while doing the tasks that you mentioned.

  • Sitefolk
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    These are great. I am also really seeing the value in the white label support document.

  • community_manager
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    Glad you're finding white label content valuable!

  • JonesTeam
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    This is awesome!